It’s been a while!

Gee, I have way neglected this blog.  SORRY!

I haven’t really had anything exciting happen, Simon is still at home a majority of the time so I tend to stay away from the PC unless he’s studying, and my phone has started to eat the battery like a MOFO!  UGH!

I did get stuck on Candy Crush for like a month, soooo frustrated, that’s about as exciting as my life gets… or at least as exciting as I am willing to admit on here 😉

I’m still loving my volunteering! I tend to be in the Kennels, which I do find very heartbreaking, but also love, because the dogs are all so gorgeous!   They tend to rehome quite fast, so it’s actually a pleasure to go in and find a dog gone to a home, rather than be sad about it.  There are a few “long term” dogs there that I find gorgeous, that can’t seem to find homes, and I have been tempted, but a lot of these dogs are NOT cat friendly so no chance!

Who would have thought that shovelling piles of dog crap and disinfecting a bunch of kennels would bring me so much joy! I walked a few of them last week too, which was great.. exercise and cute dog walking :D… just the little joy from their faces as they’re walking in the park. I fall in love way too easily, but with these buggers its hard to resist!


I really want to type tons more waffle on this blog but for some reason every 10 words or so it stalls for about 20 seconds and it’s really starting to naff me off!!!!