Ghost Hunting – OooooohhhhoooohhhoOOOHhhh

So! I went Ghost Hunting, or went on Ghost Vigils, or whatever you want to call it.  My friend and I took it upon ourselves to go on a Fright Nights tour to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham.   We went into this day excited, nervous and fully aware that nothing was probably going to happen, but we wanted the experience anyway.  The minute we got there, had the initial talk about always having our torches on, being aware we may be touched and blah blah blah… we were practically in the pitch black, apart from some Fire Exit signs and motion sensors (which by the way, went off totally on their own various times when nobody was prancing about in front of them).

I took a whole plethora of picture which can be found on my SL Flickr Stream (because I forgot the login for my rl one :P!) and I will throw a few in here and there.  The first thing we were told were about 3 ghosts in the Lobby area, that of an old man in top hat attire, that drew customers in from the street to have photos taken with him, only to be told that nobody there was dressed like that…. and a lady that appears on the stairs

Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice

Apparently someone once took a fantastic photo of her, crystal clear… and they sold it to Most Haunted for £20,000… I have yet to find that photo. The third was a doorway to the cafe, which looks really innocent, but apparently many ppl have had the sensation of being tripped or pushed there and one non-believer stood there on her own during a previous tour, to see what happened and heard the most vicious growl in her ear and was that freaked out she had to go home! I had to stand there of course, nothing happened 😦

We then went on a tour of the building, through all the rooms, the courtroom, the cells, the caves, the washroom, the courtyard… you name it, we went in there, everywhere that was accessible, we accessed and then imagine our delight when we were told we had 30 mins to explore ourselves!! Oh gosh where to go first. Sadly our tour was very crowded, so you were never truly alone, and of course with any of these things you get a bunch of prats that want to arse about going OoooOOOooohhhh and stuff, so yeah that was blah.

Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - The Washroom

The first place we revisited was the washroom, this is where the prisoners were bought, dunked in a bath, had their head shaved and were deloused… then treated. It’s said that a ghost of a little girl wanders around here, randomly clutching peoples hands as if she wanted to go with them… I was hoping for that one, but alas, it never happened. The bath was pretty hideous as were the tools they seemed to use to “medicate” them…

Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - The Bath
Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - Stuff

By this time we were all freezing and it was just dark and we were so confused about where to go and what to do! We visited the womens prison cell again after that, and apparently this is where up to 30 women at a time were placed, before they were sent to death, to all try and cram onto this bed:

Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - Womens Jail

It was a pretty dank room to be honest, and many a ghost has been seen in here. We did experience while we were there… nothing. You got it! But the group that stumbled in after us were adamant the bed moved slightly for them, lucky gits! None of this so far was making me feel uneasy at all… not even when we entered the Caves.. Now the Caves are where people were left to die when they didn’t/couldn’t be bothered to kill them. It’s pretty much what you see in this picture, a small, dark, stoney cave:

Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - Cave Entrance

Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - The Cave

I’m assuming the skulls weren’t real 😛 Again there was no sense of unease here, I did feel a bit sad, I don’t know why… we were told at certain points our emotions may suddenly change without warning, and this was the energy from the spirits. I just didn’t really like it in there, it wasn’t a bad feeling place, just one that left me feeling blah… apparently a lot of dark stuff went on there, boo! Also before you got to the cave was the Chapel, and a Oubliette. This is it:

Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - The Oubliette

Now I got my feet in there so you could see just the small grate… What is below that grate? A bottle shaped pit room, where people were slid into, and left to die, no water, no food, once they were down that grate that was their fate. Sadly we couldn’t go down there, only the archaeologists have accces to that area, and tbh I didn’t want to go down there anyway.

Anyway, by this time it was almost time to go back and we didn’t visit half the places we wanted to! We managed to get a quick picture of the inside and outside of the Hanging Cell:

Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - The Hanging Door
Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - Inside the Hanging Cell

The activity in here is apparently rife, that door is to the left of the bed in the picture, and there used to be a beam attached, instead of hanging on the public gallows, they used to attach a noose to the beam, the person and shove out the door. All very sad really, especially considering a lot of crimes punishable by death in those days, were things like stealing a loaf of bread!

We then all regrouped, had a cup of tea and some losers said they’d felt stuff happen (there was an entire group of ppl that “stuff” happened to all night, I didn’t buy it, tbh) and then we left for Vigils! WEE VIGILS! NOW IT WAS GETTING INTERESTING! They walked us through various locations, there were 3 mediums and 4 spots in total. This is where it got a bit more interesting for me.

The first area we visited was the Courtroom, all original dating back YEAAAAAAAAAAARS and home to many a mean and unforgiving judge:

Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - Courtroom Balcony
Ghost Hunt at Galleries of Justice - Judges Chair

This all had to be done in absolute darkness, once we were in and seated, no pictures were allowed and we were to turn torches off. In this room all the mediums told us what they saw, there were bangs and knocks galore and honestly, this is the ONLY room in the entire place (and there were some pretty grim effin rooms) that I felt overwhelmingly uneasy. I didn’t like it one bit. At one point the bench next to me sort of sank down a bit, I just thought it was my fat ass, but the medium sort of looked over, shone a torch next to me and said “someone just walked in front of you guys and sat down”. I may have nearly sharted. I just didn’t like that room, that feeling you have where you have to get out of somewhere, you can’t explain why… you just don’t feel good there. That was the room for me, I hated it. I felt like I was being watched constantly, I felt like things were moving around and I was looking over my shoulder all the time and IT WAS JUST VERY ALARMING. I thought to myself “Great, that’s it, teh rest of the tour i’m going to be wanting to cry”… but I didn’t. I didn’t feel like that in any other room. Even when we left at the end of the night and we had to exit through there, my mood changed from jovial to anxious and uneasy as soon as we stepped into it, and i’d hotfooted it out of there. It was so unreal!

We also got to sit in the Debtors Area and Cell, I volunteered myself and my friend to go and sit in there in the dark and wait for “Ned” to touch us. We were told Ned liked blondes, and then everyone outside had a bit of a giggle while Kim, a Blonde, apparently had her shoulder and bum touched. He also state Ned liked her boobs, that was kind of awks. He then asked us our names, so Marie said hers and I said “Heather” and something MORTIFYING happened. He said “Heather… he’s interested in you”. At this point I clutched my torch and audibly whimpered “Oh good lord”… and the medium stated Ned was looking at me with a kind of an amused grin and grunted “Do you like to be Tied Up?” I’m glad I was in the dark cos I went as red as beetroot. The Medium then said “I’m not asking you a question, because it’s very personal.. but all I am getting from Ned, for you.. is Bondage and he wants to know if you want to be tied up” I was like “Oh UMMMMM… well what the heck, i’ll be honest… who doesn’t like a bit of that”.. it was REALLY strange because just the night before I’d downloaded a new (and very kinky) book to my Kindle. So yeah, it wasn’t much but it was definitely spooky. Ned didn’t want to touch me, however, because I was a raven haired fake dye job. But I’m glad he told the world about my kink, good job I am never seeing any of those ppl except one again!

The third and fourth vigils were a bit boring to be honest, nothing really happened, although the little meter to detect activity kept going off, and at one point I had the most hideous burning sensation on my left calf, it was all quite quiet. We then went for our final vigil in The Caves and I felt sad again… hearing about children with bashed in faces and women with no legs and ugh it was just sad in there.

All in all it was a great night. I left believing just as much as I did before, Marie, however, left a bit more sceptical and didn’t believe as much, she thought it was all more the power of suggestion, despite her Thumb and hand going numb at one point when she was shoved in the haunted lift. I want to go back, I WILL go back, I will go back there to see if I experience the same feelings as last time, and to see if another spirit wants to embarass the bejebus out of me. It was the best night that cost just £29 and maybe next time.. I’ll stay overnight!

Am I disappointed I was just embarrassed and not thrown across the room? Partly… but the way my mood changed in certain places, the way someone knew something about me which YES, could have been coinkydink, but I doubt it… left me no doubt that something beyond what we see goes on around us alllll the time.