Yeah, BORKEN.  I’m not changing that, it made me smile.

Ugh, WEATHER.  I used to love the cold and the snow, I lived for Winter!!! The older I get though, and the more I have to walk out in it and get my face whipped by hailstones, I start to dislike it.  Over the last year or so I’ve really loved the hot weather, just laying out on the kids trampoline growling at them if they come near it, because I’m sunbathing on it… so this whole snowing in March thing is kinda BLAH, and it makes my ears hurt.

Other than that, I’m pretty chipper!  I know, alert the media, right?! 😛  Despite the fact I do like to voice when I’m sad, I’m a pretty upbeat person.   I let the little things get me down, but it doesn’t usually take me long to bounce back.  I decided yesterday I was going to try and not let the little thing get me down,  it’s almost impossible, I know… but I need to try.

I just have to tell myself I am a good person with a good heart, good intentions and I am a good friend to people, I do the best I can in most things (sorry Gym, I can’t get more into you) and I have a pretty blessed little life, even if at times it drives me craaaaaaaaaazy!   I thought about setting myself some goals, like do this, do that.. aim for this, go there, don’t do that.. but I am not very good at keeping to the goal driven path I’m afraid.   It’s like weightloss, I’ve been at a standstill for what seems like forever now, I eat reasonably healthy, I don’t shovel crap in, I work out… but probably I need to work out more, or work out my food and see what doesn’t suit, but with the overwhelming tired sometimes I just can’t bring myself to do it, gunna have to try tho!!

It seems my life revolves around this at the minute, it’s all I really care about, well I mean different than normal, of course I care about everything else going on in my life lol, but this is the one thing that chops and changes.  It frustrates me, a lot frustrates me… I have come to understand I am someone that gets frustrated easily, so I don’t even take my frustrations all that seriously myself anymore, they’ll pass, just like yesterdays frustration, I felt much better after I had vented, and less likely to whinge over it again.

I wonder what tomorrows frustration will be? Well I have to bake a cake for Sian to take on Friday for Comic Relief, it’ll probably be that.  I’m aiming fairly high so I expect tears LOL!   But that’ll be over on my cake blog, OMG! I MAY ACTUALLY POST THERE!!!!!

I was telling Sasy yesterday that my intentions for that blog are lofty, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and down what I wanted to do with it.   My kitchen is only as big as a knats left buttock, so it’s hard to get everyone out of the way so I can play and yesssss, my kids could be in there helping me, but if I am trying to faff around cooking, I prefer solitude… they can cook with me when I don’t mind being driven insane.  I tell you they made a home made pizza the other night and not ONE utensil was left unused or pot, or plate.. it was carnage!! CARNAGE!!! FOR A 8″ PIZZA!!!!

Oh and in other, unrelated news… Holly decided she wanted to pierce her ears for a 2nd time, and did it on her own, in the bathroom then had to have my mum tell me cos she was scared… LOL.  Like i’m a big bad ogre, I have 4 in one ear and 3 in the other, hardly one to judge am I?! But the most hilarious bit is now that she did that, I can say “WELL IF YOU PIERCED YOUR OWN EAR I AM SURE YOUR SISTER TAPPING YOU ON THE BACK DIDN’T HURT THAT MUCH” when she breaks down in hysterics when they fight. SO looking forward to that! 😀


I’m new around here..

Well, that’s a lie, I am not.  If you found this blog it’s most likely an accident, if it’s not HI! AND WELCOME!  This is going to be my blog, about my crazy life juggling work, kids, animals and well… life.

Sometimes I am the worst juggler in the world, sometimes I’m pretty darn nifty and that is where the title comes in, don’t pretend you weren’t looking at it going… Octopi.. and Jellyfish?!  Well, let me explain a little, not only do I just like Octopi and Jellyfish, sometimes I feel like I have 8 hands and they are juggling things so well, other times I feel I had no hands, just floppy strands of death and pain that drop everything everywhere and just end up mooching about like a Jellyfish.   See?  Simple!

I am at work right now though, so really shouldn’t be doing this, I have things to do, people to see, papers to juggle or drop. I do hope you’ll stay for the ride though!