It’s been a while!

Gee, I have way neglected this blog.  SORRY!

I haven’t really had anything exciting happen, Simon is still at home a majority of the time so I tend to stay away from the PC unless he’s studying, and my phone has started to eat the battery like a MOFO!  UGH!

I did get stuck on Candy Crush for like a month, soooo frustrated, that’s about as exciting as my life gets… or at least as exciting as I am willing to admit on here 😉

I’m still loving my volunteering! I tend to be in the Kennels, which I do find very heartbreaking, but also love, because the dogs are all so gorgeous!   They tend to rehome quite fast, so it’s actually a pleasure to go in and find a dog gone to a home, rather than be sad about it.  There are a few “long term” dogs there that I find gorgeous, that can’t seem to find homes, and I have been tempted, but a lot of these dogs are NOT cat friendly so no chance!

Who would have thought that shovelling piles of dog crap and disinfecting a bunch of kennels would bring me so much joy! I walked a few of them last week too, which was great.. exercise and cute dog walking :D… just the little joy from their faces as they’re walking in the park. I fall in love way too easily, but with these buggers its hard to resist!


I really want to type tons more waffle on this blog but for some reason every 10 words or so it stalls for about 20 seconds and it’s really starting to naff me off!!!!



Peak of the WEEK!

Hello, ratfans.

Today is Wednesday, the middle of the working persons week, the day most ppl call hump day!  It’s my Friday tho, woot woot!  Although the rest of the week for me consists of doing other things, just not work related, so I still see it as the peak of my working week too.

Yesterday and today we are having a new boiler fitted at home, probably a bit frivolous, but it’s been condemned since we moved in and every year when it hits minus temp, it usually breaks, leaving us freezing and without hot water.  This year, oddly, it didn’t!  But as Simon has his redundancy money we decided it was probably one of the few things that *needs* doing… alas that means that last night we had no heating or hot water, so we went to McDs for tea (YAYYY DIET) and then all headed to bed as soon as we got in to hide under blankets!   I am not looking forward to cleaning the mess they’ve left in their wake, I can tell you!  

Tomorrow is another Animals in Need Day! I felt really rough last week when I went, so hopefully this week will be a lot better.  It’s freeeezing, so I had to buy a couple of new jumpers to wear, and I get to wear my new super fashionable wellies too, get me!   I am a bit worried i’ll be on my own in the Wildlife bit, as Ian isn’t there (the ‘Wildlife Guy’) and I’ll end up giving the Hedgehogs Gravy and killing them or something! I DON’T WANT TO KILL THEM!!!   Maybe I won’t even be in the Wildlife bit, oh well, i’ll see tomorrow!

Friday Simon has another interview, so he will have the car, this means I dunno what i’ll be doing, probably housework, or ringing up my mum and seeing if she wants to go for a wander around town or something.  FUN TIMES.

I also have to fit the gym in again, sickness was out in brute force last week in our house, so I only managed the gym once… and I didn’t go on Monday because of one thing or another, so I guess I really should go today. SIGH.  I actually like it once i’m there, but the overwhelming urge to curl up on the sofa with my Kindle or watch some trash on TV sometimes is more welcoming, although Wednesdays are crap for TV, so probably the best day to go and get it done.

Well, that’s my waffle for now!  BAI!


Monday Light…

Someone said today that Tuesdays are like Monday Light, and it’s true.  I have said it before and I will say it again right now, I hate Tuesdays.

Tuesdays are my longest work day, although it’s not a gym day, but it’s just a LONG day, and I have duties at work I don’t really relish or enjoy all that much on a Tuesday.  But alas, it has to happen, every week on a Tuesday I wake up and SIGH heavily, Simon mocks me for having a job and I tell him to go and find one, the kids moan, the cats act like they haven’t eaten in a week and then I go to work and want to nap.  EVERY.WEEK.

Well, thats my life tbh, it doesn’t change, but then sometimes change is bad so THATS OK TOO.   

Tomorrow its my half day, then Thursday is my first day volunteering!!!   I’m sooo nervous! What if the animals hate me?  What if I hate them (I totes won’t).  I bet i’ll just be cleaning up poop, but hopefully I’ll get some exercise in by dogwalking!   EEEEP!! I hope I don’t get lost *flapflap*.  I am hoping I can take my phone and take pics of all the little ones and tell you guys about them and bore you to death with AWWWW’s and OOOH LOOOOK’s.

Well thats me for Tuesday I think, just trying to keep this blog fairly up to date, although really this is all very boring I should stick to blogging when I actually have something to say. Hmm. NEVER THEN.



Monday Monday…

.. I don’t actually mind Monday.  Sure I have to get up, sort the kids, go to work, and it’s a gym day too, but Mondays aren’t once the dreaded day they were for me, I don’t know why, I think it’s because on a Tuesday I do more things that I hate, and it’s a longer work day for me, so Monday seemed to swap to Tuesday.  Oh the webs we weave.

Weekend was slow for me, drank too much on Friday, woke up slightly hungover, but not really, you know that kind of state you get into when you know you SHOULD feel sick, and you SHOULD have a headache, but you just sort of hang around in Hangover Limbo not knowing when it’s going to hit.  Of course I had a kids party to attend on Saturday at a soft play place, so that meant even more dread loomed.  I managed to get through the day without being sick or having a headache, I was just tired.  I can’t drink anymore, it’s sad… I just can’t handle it!

That’s pretty much it, Sunday the kids cleaned out the car for me, did a great job, while we sorted out the kitchen so I had more room to bake, cos you know, my other blog is looking decidedly empty and I am itchinggggg to try and improve into cake maker EXTRAORDINAIRE! Then we went to Buddies for dinner, DIET BE DAMNED! I dunno why I ever think that’s a good idea cos the service is always slow and then I feel like i’ve eaten a horse. TUT.

I did get my Valentines Gifts, well two of them over the weekend, 2 new Thomas Sabo Charms! YAY! and I did a lot of thinking about my online presence but didn’t really come to a conclusion other than… well nothing really.  Plod on or make some changes… i’m leaning toward changes but what I do online i’ve done for yearsss, its a scary change to make!  Although maybe it would make me feel better, who knows.   All I know is that i’m tired of feeling like crap, I am tired of feeling like other peoples feelings matter more than my own and I’m tired of tiptoeing around on eggshells cos of all the stupid politics!

I’m a totally different person on SL than I am in RL, I think i’m even less likely to tell you to stfu online than I am in RL, which is odd, most people are the other way around… I just want to live in a bubble and not get involved in anything other than blog and do my thing.. but to blog you need to be kinda social, or do you? I dunno.  I’m just tired of it, literally not just metaphorically tired.

Ok well that’s my Monday morning rant.  Hope yours is a good one! 😛


Tuesday Night

I usually detest Tuesdays, it’s my longest work day, therefore making it the longest day in HISTORY of the world ever, well, at least once a week anyway.

I logged in SL tonight, I wanted to get a blogpost done, I’m still in my meeeh SL funk at the minute, it comes, it goes…  sometimes I want to be social more and I reach out, sometimes I just want to be alone with my thoughts or my inventory and let it whir away.

I’ve been a member of Second Life for 9 years soon, Nine!  Lots of people have come and gone, some are still around, new people come, they go or they stay, some are nice, some are not, some i want to hug with my arms and comfort, some I want to hug with a vice and squish.   The whole premise of SL is “Your World, Your Imagination” and I used to believe that, and I still do to some extent, although I do believe now, that if you let it happen, other people can strongly influence what you do in there, and how you feel about it.

I’m one of those people.  I’m forever telling people not to worry about things, to ignore the drama, to carry on regardless, it’s their place, nobody elses… yet when a funk hits me, it hits me hard and every time it happens the will and strength it takes to get back up again is less and less.. or is that more and more?!

I firmly believe I am one of those people that just worry for fun, like it’s not actually fun, but I do it anyway, if I haven’t got something to worry or fret about, I worry about it, i probably need to sit down with a therapist or just someone random with a hammer they can hit me with, whichever is cheaper.

I worry about it all, SL, plurk, the internet, my friendships, the randoms, the people that don’t matter, the people that do, the things I do, the things i don’t, what he said, what she said, what someone may say or may not say… can you imagine how much that affects you? I can tell you it’s not fun!  I’m trying to learn not to be that person, it’s not fun, it’s not healthy and most of all it’s not necessary! If I am happy, and those I care about are happy, shouldn’t that be all that matters?  I think so, but i can’t quite seem to grasp it, it comes into reach and then I freak out and it runs off again.

I recently disabled my plurk for the sake of my sanity, it can be a wonderful place and it has been somewhere I have met some terrific peeps, but it’s also been a place where i’ve seen sides of people i don’t like, so many politics about who likes who, or who does what and stuff, and I don’t want to be part of all that, every community has it’s ups and downs but I think i preferred my bubble better, but there are people I miss seeing, even if it’s just a fleeting “hi” plurk, or they join in having fun and dorking about, but I tell myself that they can reach me on SL if they want to, or gmail, or twitter.. or skype, or any of that good stuff, nobody really has.. but there you go.  It’s easy to be social on there, but it’s also easy to let yourself be affected by the negative side of it, like I obviously have, and it sucks that I feel I need to not be there on a large scale but maybe one day I’ll feel differently.

I over think everything that’s my problem.  But I’ve been on Plurk for about as long as it’s been about, it’s a bit like removing a limb, same with SL! I’ve been there a long time, and at the beginning it was all friends and fun and clubs and dorking around the world on a dildo car, but back then the world was teeny, now i seem to have fallen into a trap where it feels like a chore, and I don’t want to social because I don’t want to bother people, or bore them, or whatever reason….

This is my RL blog, but this is something that is affecting my mood, it’s made me very sombre the last week or two, and I’m slowly shaking it, but sometimes just one thing can remind you of why you were sombre in the first place, and I guess that happened today.

But ho hum, life could be worse, wayyyy worse and everything other than my online woe is hunky mcdory, so really, I should stop moping and worrying and just be thankful and happy, and well… me.